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Phoenix 9 - User Help

Bank Feeds are available for bank accounts from participating Banks.

A Bank Feed for a particular account can only be assigned and active in one set of books at one time. If your data is provided to a third party, then the bank feed is still attached to the data and the feed functionality is available to the third party (subject to any UMS restrictions). The third party is unable to remove or edit the feed itself as this is only available to the user who created it.


Bank Feed Setup & Management

Bank feeds are managed from the Bank Feed Setup & Management screen.

Open Account Setup from the toolbar of Setup -> Bank Feeds

The screen that is displayed allows you to manage your bank feed connections.

You can:

Apply for and add new bank feeds

Detach existing feeds so that they can be connected to a different set of books or a different account.

Assign detached feeds to the current set of books.

Delete feeds so they are no longer available.




A Bank feed can have a status from any of the following:

Active - The feed is active and providing information to this set of books.

Pending - Bank feed application has been submitted and is pending activation.

No Connection - An internet connection was unavailable to check the status.

Each Bank Feed is listed along with the Phoenix Account it is currently connected to (if any).







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